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Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. is the world’s leading authority on business development through impact strategy. President of Professional Impact, Inc. and founder of the Action Movement™, Wendy is internationally recognized for her unparalleled ability to help clients maximize and capitalize on the impact they bring to people’s lives through their message, products and services.

Wendy serves as a trusted advisor to doctors, executives, start-up entrepreneurs and top influencers across a wide range of industries. A sought-after media guest and keynote speaker, she has built 10 successful businesses of her own, delivered thousands of business growth programs for corporate, healthcare, small business, non-profit and entrepreneurial organizations and has spoken for hundreds of thousands of people on stages around the globe.

Wendy received her Masters Degree in sociology and social psychology from Duke University and was recruited by Texas Christian University for a position as a university instructor and director of organizational research studies. One of her projects caught the eye of the United States Senate, where her presentation influenced a decision that has since helped millions of people.

Driven to make an even wider impact, Wendy left academia to open her first business: a social laboratory to develop and test formulas to move people to action. Within three months, her retail and service sales skyrocketed beyond industry standards and she became a sought-after consultant for small businesses, sharing the formulas she’d discovered for sales, leadership and customer service.

Wendy went on to achieve certification in three schools of psychology and built a private practice specializing in sales professionals. Her proprietary blend of psychotherapy, sales and leadership training helped her clients dramatically increase revenues, leading to a swell of invitations for consulting and training in for-profit and non-profit organizations where she became known for creating solid results in record time.

Since then, Wendy has impacted millions of lives through her bestselling books, live events, world-class keynotes and media appearances, online courses and in-house training programs. Her books are required reading in hospitals, medical practices, dental schools and businesses, and her work has been widely published in business, healthcare and social science journals, magazines and e-zines. Her internationally-acclaimed, Move People to Action™ Live Event and E-Course have been named, “The most comprehensive training ever created for impact-driven entrepreneurs” and her Difference-Maker Summit™ has been called “The do-not-miss event for anyone who is driven to make a global impact.”

In addition to serving clients, Wendy’s greatest joys are sharing laugh-’til-you-cry experiences with cherished friends, and cozy evenings with her husband/business partner, Dr. Hal Dibner, and their fluffy son, Parfait.

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