Bai K. Blyden.png

Bai K. Blyden

Retired Nuclear Physicist 

Southern Power

Over his 40-year professional career Bai has contributed his expertise to over forty major and

minor power plant projects and their associated interconnections worldwide. This involved detailed power plant and transmission systems design engineering, Systems and operations planning, project development-feasibility assessment oversight, and construction management.

Among his more notable assignments, Mr. Blyden served as Project Manager on the Calpine team, which planned a 70,000 MW development program that included EPC oversight. Within this scope he also served as a site Construction Manager for the Emergency Peaker Program which constructed and commissioned eleven (11x 45 MW.) General Electric simple cycle gas turbine units in response to California executive order D-26-01 issued to protect the grid around Silicon Valley at the peak of the 2001 California energy crisis. Mr. Blyden has also worked on large Nuclear, Hydro, and mid to small distributed energy systems, having held senior technical consulting and staff positions with various utilities, AE, and Manufacturing firms such as TVA; Pacific Gas & Electric; Bechtel, ABB, Cummins, The New York Power Authority, Texas Utilities. He is currently completing the updates on the electrical

Computer models for the 2 x 940 MW Plant Hatch power station at Southern Company as part of the Calculations Design Basis Validation Program for Configuration Management and Post Fukushima retrofits.

An early advocate of an Integrated African Grid, Mr. Blyden has presented a conceptual framework and technical analysis for a centralized African Power pool with links to North Africa at the first IEEE Region 8 conference held in Nairobi, Kenya, December 1983. Since then, he has authored several papers on African Energy Development, emphasizing the strategic role of Regional Power Pool Interconnections, Micro Grids, and Knowledge transfer and development. Towards this end, he has developed The African Power Development Knowledge Engine, which is an advanced training and development conceptual framework designed to harness the dynamic results created by linking African

technical colleges and universities to current international R&D focused on Power & Energy.

Mr. Blyden earned an MS EE from Moscow Energetics Institute in Power Systems, Generation and Industrial Distribution Systems. He has made numerous professional development awards, certifications, and accreditations. Fluent in multiple languages, which include English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic. Mr. Blyden brings a multicultural mindset and an exceptional relationship-building acumen. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and serves as Chair of the IEEE PES International Practices subcommittee for Africa, and is an IEEE Smart Village Global Ambassador. He also serves as a Senior Advisor to Centric Ltd a commercial startup with 21 st century structurally advanced and sustainable Green building systems. He is the founder of the Strategic consulting group BBRM Group, LLC.

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Peter Storment

Peter is the co-founder of Cedar Street Capital, LLC, an advisory firm headquartered in New York that assists its emerging markets clients in raising capital in amounts greater than $20 million.


Peter has focused on promoting and facilitating growth over the course of his career, primarily through raising capital for growing firms, but he has also been an entrepreneur and founder of several firms over the course of his career.


Throughout the 1980's and 1990's his primary focus was on working to raise funds for early stage technology companies across a wide spectrum on industries. Early last decade, he changed the focus of his activities to the emerging markets of Africa and Latin America, and along with that switch in focus he shifted his activities towards more mature companies seeking expansion capital as opposed to early stage funding.


Over the course of his career he has worked on deals in virtually every large industry sector ranging from software and telecom to banking and agriculture.


In terms of standout transactions, Peter's two most significant transactions were in the African financial sector. From 2005-2007 he helped raise over $50 million for the micro-lender Blue Financial Services of South Africa, and in 2007 he led a $161 million private equity investment into Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria.


In order to complete this transaction, Peter helped craft a novel deal structure which guaranteed the investors a refund in case of malfeasance by the bank. The bank was taken over and restructured by the Nigerian government, and the investors were able to successfully retrieve virtually their entire investment in legal proceedings.

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Michael Allender

Michael Allender is a retired Hewlett Packard engineering manager with over 30 years combined engineering and management experience. He joined Hewlett Packard in 1973 in Loveland Colorado and began his career as an engineer in an Integrated Circuit manufacturing and R&D facility designing and building complex Integrated Circuit products used in instrumentation products for highly technical applications.

In 1986 he left HP and took a position as the Engineering Manager with Microlithics a subsidiary of the Coors Porcelain Company in Golden Colorado. At Microlithics Michael managed the development and production highly reliable products used in the Trident Submarine Project. In 1988 Michael returned to Hewlett Packard in Corvallis Oregon to work in HP’s fledgling Ink Jet facility. During his 18 years in Corvallis, Hewlett Packard’s ink jet group grew into a multi-billion dollar division of HP. While working in HP’s Ink Jet R&D group Michael managed numerous aspects of a variety of new and innovative HP Ink Jet products that were introduced into both the commercial and personal printing markets.

Michael received his BSEE with distinction at the University of Virginia and his MSEE from Colorado State University focusing on Physical Electronics and Solid State Physics at both institutions. He has a demonstrated competence in leading diverse teams to deliver on complex projects across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Maggie Fouquet.jpg

Maggie Fouquet

Maggie Fouquet is an international businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has have founded and run several companies over the past 20 years. Maggie  has lived in five countries, speaks four languages, and enjoys working across the world. Currently, she is the  President/Owner of IBCircle, Inc. (since 2010) and involved in many international projects in Colorado, USA. Over the past few years, she was also a director of a global commercial investment company.


Her areas of expertise include:

• Product commercialization (locally & internationally);

• Sales, marketing & business development;

• B2B marketing & sales;

• Building strong teams & leadership teams;

• Thought leadership;

• Editorial themes & topics development;

• Networking;

• Business connecting (locally & internationally);

• Introducing companies to Colorado, USA;

• Connecting internationally-minded people & international companies;

• Fundraising;

• Sponsorship & membership development;

• Event planning from concept through to speaker selection & invitations, through to event logistics & event management, event marketing and event fundraising with sponsors;

• Working closely with HR on hiring/interviewing (locally and internationally);

• Staff development & training;

• Generating creative ideas for memorable programs & events, taking them from concept through to completion (both locally & internationally);

• Building community & engagement;

• StrengthsFinder 2.0: Strategic, Positivity, Includer, Empathy, Developer.

Julia Kennedy.jpg

Julia Kennedy

Julia Kennedy is currently the Development & Communications Director at the Posner Center for International Development in Denver, CO. She joined the Posner Center after returning home from a Peace Corps Response assignment with the UN’s World Food Programme improving local capacity and field operations for food security, nutrition, and gender equity programs in Kankan, Guinea. Julia comes to the global development sector from twenty years at IBM where she led strategic development and organizational change across a wide range of business domains from marketing to supply chain, business intelligence, human resources, and information technology. Among various IBM leadership roles building global and emerging market capabilities, she was a VP of Business Transformation and IT, based in India where she rolled out global programs in China, Eastern Europe, and Africa, developed local talent, and promoted the advancement of women. She holds a Master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University and a B.A. in Economics and French from Macalester College, studying in France at the University of Toulon and University of Rennes, Business School.

Julius Mwale

Julius Mwale

Mr. Julius  Mwale is a successful industrial entrepreneur and investor with more than 20 years of proven track record in innovative  investments in Technology,  Energy, Health, retail and construction industries.

Mr. Mwale is currently the principal of the US $ 2 billion Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) based in Western Kenya where he was the lead investor. The City is built on 100% green concept and started construction in 2014 with 80% complete as of August 2019 and expected to be fully completed by December 2020.

Prior to that in early 2000s Mr. Mwale Founded and was the Chairman and President of SBA Technologies Inc. A New York  based biometric company that pioneered string based biometric security technology that revolutionized the biometric industry worldwide. 

Robert Stoner.png

Dr. Robert Stoner

After earning his Ph.D. in condensed matter physics at Brown University in 1992, Dr. Stoner joined the Microprocessor Development Group at Intel Corporation. In 1995, he formed Cooper Mountain Corporation, which developed the first commercial instruments to incorporate ultrafast pulsed lasers. These instruments, based on the picosecond ultrasonic method which he co-invented, are now extensively used to characterize computer chips during production. He subsequently founded Vinestone Corporation, a UK-based peer-to-peer database and workflow software developer. Dr. Stoner later held a number of senior executive positions and served as Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board at Zygo Corporation, a developer of precision optical systems and instruments for the global consumer electronics, aerospace and semiconductor industries.

Dr. Stoner received a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Physics from Queen’s University, Canada. He was a National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Scholar, and holds US patents in the fields of semiconductor devices, optical measurement and imaging systems, optical devices, network computing, and acoustics. His current technical interests include high resolution imaging techniques, distributed computing, and energy distribution and storage technology and policy for developing countries.

Adesina Augustine Buraimoh

Adesina Augustine Buraimoh -Ademuyewo

Adesina has been a solid contributor to Nigeria's social and economic development initiatives since returning to the country.  He is the founder of a Sportswear manufacturing company serving schools, military institutions, and universities in Nigeria.  He has a lot of experience in the financial and industrial sectors, having served as CEO of Oxygen and other industrial gases manufacturing companies and recently as Chairman of Fiŕst Bank Mortgages ltd, a premier Mortgage bank.

His experience encompasses the renewable energy sector too. He recently served as the Chairman of the strategic and planning committee of the Council of Renewable Energy of Nigeria.

Adesina was born into the Ijebuland Royal family of Oba Ademuyewo Fidipote in Nigeria, where he went to school before going to the United States where he earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration from St. Joseph's College, now University in Philadelphia.  He obtained an MBA degree from Long Island University at the Brooklyn campus.

Adesina is a Christiàn Catholic and has served in his parish at various levels as Chairman of the parish laity council, Chairman of the Catholic brothers league, and many other positions. He is also the Vice President of the World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae.

Adesina is married with children who are professionals in various areas and currently working in UK and Europe.


Chip Comins

Chip Comins is the Chairman and CEO of the American Renewable Energy Institute, (AREI, Inc), Founder of the AREDAY Summit, Expo and Film Festival, Managing Director of American Spirit Productions, President and CEO of WEnergy, Inc. and Co-founder of the Green Girl Minute. He has produced and directed both long and short form documentary films for educational and broadcast television markets, including The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, DOE Wind Powering America, PBS, Link TV and BET. A long-time advocate of developing and implementing renewable energy resources to abate greenhouse gases and climate change, Comins advocates a business approach to solving both the economic and environmental crisis. In 2009, he produced 13 official side events at the UNFCCC COP 15 in Copenhagen and is now producing the 13th Anniversary AREDAY Summit featuring President Jimmy Carter “Accelerating Solutions for the Great Transition” August 10-13, 2014.

Pierre-jean Cherret.jpg

Pierre-jean Cherret

Pierre-jean Cherret connects the dots between highly innovative products with new markets, helping both financial investors and entrepreneurs to create impactfull collaborative partnerships, project origination funnels for skyrocked sales, networking platforms for due diligence and business development. He loves to impulse change with a mixed open ecosystem of hightech industries, startups and CVC's wrapped around an outreach business strategy to be executed. He also develops and extends global sales with a turnkey customer-focused approach.

His areas of expertise include; Energy markets & policy, Cleantech, Smart & distributed Grids & Cities, Supply Chain, Asset mngt, Project Finance & program mngt , Contract Negotiations, Due Diligence &M/A support, Lobbying & Strategic analysis, Market studies, Business development, Sales & Bid & account mngt. Technological scouting, smart data/IOT, and Business/IT master plan.


His accomplishments are; 1 to 5 M€ turnover, scouted and engaged with more than 200+ startups, 50+ CAC40 business partners and clients, 2M€ program mngt scope.

Lisa Larson.jpg

Lisa Larson

Vice President

HDR International

Ms. Larson is a consultant with 24 years of experience in the power industry.  As a Vice President at HDR, she leads HDR's international power pursuits and is an advisor to HDR's Strategic Consulting Practice. She has experience and background in Sub-Saharan Africa and has participated in advancing the Nacala Solar and Storage project in Mozambique.  Ms. Larson has significant technical and project management experience associated with power and water projects.  She has extensive experience working with stakeholders to develop practical solutions that meet the needs of multiple interests.  Ms. Larson has been involved in various industry organizations and activities, including presenting applied research results at meetings and national conferences and serving on boards, including the Northwest Hydroelectric Association and the Hydropower Foundation. She has a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University and holds a Wharton Executive Management CPD in Strategy and Leadership.

Luka Powanga.png

Luka Powanga


Regis University, Anderson College of Business, Denver, USA

Dr. Luka Powanga is a professor of Economics and Finance in the Anderson College of Business and Computing at Regis University.  He is the founder of the Energy Africa Conference (  to help Africa meet its Energy Demand. He is also the founding member of the Denver Chapter of the Angel Capital Group ( and the Powanga Group (, focused on connecting US investors to Projects in Africa.  He is also the co-founder of the Africa Healthcare Group, focused on improving the quality and access to healthcare in Africa. He worked in the mining and telecommunications industry at local and international levels. He taught at Colorado School of Mines before transitioning to Regis University.  He consults in economic development, mining, energy, international business management, healthcare and education. He has spoken at many business forums and sits on many boards.  


Dr. Powanga holds a BSC degree in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing from the University of Zambia, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Mineral Economics from Colorado School of Mines USA.  He also holds a Master's degree in Computer Information Technology (MSCIT) and Graduate Certificate in Object-Oriented Programming from Regis University.


Irene Giner-Reichl

Irene Giner-Reichl has been a member of the Austrian Diplomatic Service since 1982. Her main areas of expertise are economic and social development, women’s rights’ issues, environment, energy, and development cooperation.

Irene Giner- Reichl has held numerous international bureau functions. From 1995 to 1998 she was director of the international department of the Austrian Ministry for the Environment. From 1998 to 2001 she was Austria’s permanent representative to the UN, IAEA, UNIDO and CTBTO in Vienna. From 2001 to 2004 she headed the UNIDO office in New York in the rank of assistant director general. From 2005 to 2012 she was director general in charge of Austria’s development policy and cooperation.

Since 2012, she held the position of Austrian ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia until recently when she transitioned to her current position.

Irene Giner-Reichl is president of the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (GFSE), which she founded in 1999 as a multi-stake-holder platform for dialogues on energy in the service of sustainable development, and vice-president of the REN21 steering committee.

Royal Highness Prince Rina

Royal Highness Prince Rina Telesphore

His Royal Highness Prince Rina Telesphore, Head of the Royal House Andriakazomanga-Zafimbolamena born June 30th, 1976, comes from two long royal lineages in Madagascar.

He is an inheritor from the Kingdom of the Zafimbolamena of Sakalava Menabe by his late father Prince Raymond Telesphore (Zafinimamiratra), and the Kingdom of Andriakazomanga of the Merina Vakinankaratra by his mother, Princess Voahangy Soa Rafiringa. His Royal Highness Prince Rina Telesphore is married to Pst Norma Queensly and has six children, one son and five daughters, two of whom are twins.

He has two brothers and a sister, those still alive Prince Manak´Ash ou Menakasina (Rado Telesphore), a sister Yahloah (Miora Jeny Telesphore), and a deceased brother, Prince Fy Telesphore.

By his love for serving his God and his people, His Highness Prince Rina Telesphore and his wife are founders of the Christian Shrine Ministry International based in Mauritius to pray and help his compatriots. 

He has held and holds many high responsibility positions in the service of countries. Among others, he is the Special Envoy, Ambassador of the African Diaspora Union, National President of various professional groups such as Association of Jewelers and Lapidaires of Madagascar, Federal President of Indian Ocean Bijoutiers, or Vice-President of Small Exporters from Madagascar.

He holds a triple Doctorate Honoris Causa in Diplomacy, Humanity and Human Rights. 

His Royal Highness sits on the Board of Regents of the Harvest Christian University of Dallas (United States of America).

David Owens

David K. Owens

Retired Executive Vice President, Edison Electric Institute
President of Da’Vas LLC

David K. Owens is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in public policies surrounding utility operations, strategic planning, technology development, rate making and regulation. 


He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on electric utility issues, industry restructuring and transformation.  His experience in the electricity sector includes leading the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) efforts over a broad set of issues that affect the future structure of the electric industry, and new rules in evolving competitive markets.


He was responsible over the strategic areas of energy supply and finance, environment, energy delivery, energy services, state regulatory issues, and international affairs. He also spearheaded efforts to enhance the public policy climate for investments in America’s electric infrastructure with emphasis on the role of new electrification technologies to address climate change, and to enhance energy efficiency through smart buildings, smart appliances, smart meters, and smart electric grids.


Mr. Owens retired from EEI in June 2017 with four decades of utility experience.  He remains an advisor to EEI and serves on the Board of Xcel Energy.  He also chairs the Transformation Advisory Council providing insights in the new design of the Puerto Rico electric systems.

Michael Allender.png

Michael Allender

Retired Engineer


Michael Allender is a retired Hewlett Packard engineering manager with over 30 years of combined engineering and management experience. He joined Hewlett Packard in 1973 in Loveland, Colorado. He began his career as an engineer in an Integrated Circuit manufacturing and R&D facility designing and building complex Integrated Circuit products used in instrumentation products for highly technical applications.


​In 1986 he left HP and took a position as the Engineering Manager with Microlithics a subsidiary of the Coors Porcelain Company in Golden Colorado. At Microlithics, Michael managed the development and production of highly reliable products used in the Trident Submarine Project. In 1988 Michael returned to Hewlett Packard in Corvallis, Oregon, to work in HP's fledgling Ink-Jet facility. During his 18 years in Corvallis, Hewlett Packard's inkjet group grew into a multi-billion dollar division of HP. While working in HP's Ink Jet R&D group, Michael managed numerous aspects of various new and innovative HP Ink Jet products introduced into both the commercial and personal printing markets.


Michael received his BSEE with distinction at the University of Virginia and his MSEE from Colorado State University, focusing on Physical Electronics and Solid State Physics at both institutions. He has a demonstrated competence in leading diverse teams to deliver on complex projects across a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Michael Farina.png

Michael Farina

Senior Marketing Manager, Strategy & Growth Initiatives,

Baker Hughes

Michael is a senior leader in the Strategy & Growth Initiatives team at Baker Hughes. He is responsible for strategy, portfolio analysis, and the development of new business growth opportunities.  He recently worked a dual role as an analytical lead on energy transition and global long-range planning and market analysis on decentralized integrated power solutions. His focus is on helping Baker Hughes succeed as energy markets rapidly evolve.


Michael has been a gas and power strategy leader in the industry for more than two decades.  He worked over the last ten years at General Electric in various roles in support of the power and oil & gas divisions.  He spent four years supporting commercial gas and power project development in Sub-Sahara Africa and the Latin America and Caribbean regions. In 2018, he joined the new Baker Hughes Company. 

Michael has presented at numerous conferences and has been the primary author on several gas and power-related pieces.  In 2011, he authored Flare Gas Reduction: Recent global trends and policy considerations. In 2013, he was the lead-analyst and primary author of the Age of Gas and the Power of Networks and China's Age of Gas white papers.  In 2015, he published Gas to Power, Fast and Flexible Electricity for Rapidly Developing Countries. More recently, his focus has been decentralized energy project development, including origination, economics, technology solutions, environmental impact analysis, and structuring. 

Previously he was a Director of natural gas and power consulting at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS-CERA), working on Global Scenarios, Western US Energy markets, LNG & gas markets, and various gas-fired power plant developments around the world. Michael holds a BA in Economics from Colorado State University and a MA in Economics from the University of Colorado.

Ambassador Cheick Keita.png

Ambassador Cheick Keita

Ambassador Cheick  Keita holds a master's degree in public law, option law, economics, and management. he occupies the following positions: - Large Accounts and Legal Expertise Auditor in the Audit Legal and Financial Business Management Department of Crédit Agricole Bank (France), - Director of Legal Affairs and Litigation at the Financial Corporation of Studies and Litigation (SOFIDEC France), - Management of the Africa Division for the OVIEDO multinational of IMASA Group (Spain), - Director of Africa Markets of BBVA Bank (3rd bank of Spain), - Analyst Manager in the Legal and Economic Department of the evaluation of international perspectives at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), - Executive Officer at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Public Accounting at the Inspection Control and Expertise Division (ICE) of the Taxes General Directorate at Paris Bercy. In 1996, he founded CIDIGA (Chamber of Initiatives for the Development of Investments of the Groupings in Africa) and works as its President. His mission is to produce and offer reliable socio-economic and political information and studies to promote significant investments in Africa.

The Ambassador also serves as the President of OPND Pan-African Observatory of Digital and President of OBA (Open Business Africa)  and BOI (Bridge Of Innovation) and CIDIGA

He is the founder and President of BOI (Bridge Of Innovations). BOI is a company that identifies innovative start-ups in Africa and supports them through its network of Business Angels and Ventures Capital to initiate their emergence. To this day, he has been part of the six innovative start-ups in Africa.

Claudio Pedretti.png

Claudio Pedretti

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Green Climate Ventures

Claudio is a President, Advisory Board & Committee Member, Director & CEO with almost ten years board level practice across the private sector and not-for-profit organizations with specific experience in the renewable energy industry and access to energy. At the board level, I drive business and organizational growth through intendable and constant business development activities. I do that by leveraging years of experience in establishing and growing companies and brands in the Energy

sector at the international level. I currently hold many Board level assignments in 3 continents in business associations, NGOs, and private companies.


I carry on all my duties with extreme dedication and integrity with a firm adhesion to my honesty, social justice, and environmental protection. In an executive capacity, I am currently Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Green Climate Ventures. Here I help nurture pre-seed and seed energy startups through my experience and direct investments.

Previously I was a Founder & Chief Executive Officer at WindKinetic off-grid power systems, where I have founded and grown the company internationally and sold it in 2020. I have an Electronic Engineering degree and developed more recently a passion for Corporate Governance, and I am completing in this days my Diploma in Corporate Governance.

Emilien Di Gennaro.png

Emilien Di Gennaro


PEG Africa

Emilien Di Gennaro is a Business Executive with solid African experience bringing innovative solutions to the underserved population. Over the past three years, he worked with PEG Africa to finance innovative energy solutions for Senegal and Mali. Before that, Emilien helped finance  Flour Mills in Nigeria to develop a robust agro-allied Business in Nigeria and reduce dependency on imports. As illustrated by his cycling seven months from Cape Town to Nairobi, as part of a broader 30 months cycling trip across five continents and 30 countries to raise funds for underserved populations, he is passionate about supporting neglected African communities. 


He obtained a Master in Business Administration in Grenoble Ecole de Management in France and an MBA in International Business from the University of Alberta in Canada. Having traveled in over 100 countries and lived or worked for over a year in eight different countries and four different continents, he can understand the habits and needs of various cultures to offer life-changing solutions. 


He is delighted to have the opportunity to support the Energy Africa Conference to bring diverse actors together with a common objective of bringing innovative energy solutions to meet the continent's energy needs.

Roseline Emma Rasolovoahangy.jpg

Roseline Emma Rasolovoahangy

Roseline Emma Rasolovoahangy (Dr. Emma) is a successful entrepreneur, scientist, environmental advocate, and dedicated public servant. Dr. Emma is focused on helping build a new Madagascar and unlocking the potential of the nation’s greatest resource. Dr. Emma holds 1 Bachelor’s Degree, 4 Masters Degrees, and a Ph.D. degree from Stanford University in California, USA. Dr. Emma has +25 years of work and management experiences. She worked for VRMT Intl, Anadarko petroleum, and Shell E&P all in Houston, Texas, USA. She is the founder and owner of PetroMad (Oil & Gas Exploration), RER & Ass LLC (Real Estate Development), MinMad (Energy, Cement, Mining), and ASE PPP (Forestry, Water, Fisheries, Agriculture, and social development). Dr. Emma is the president of the political party “Ezaka Mampandroso Antsika”, Founder of E.M.M.A Association, founder of NGO called “Madagascar Mivoatra no Tanjona”, founder of 5 Basket Ball Teams called A.S.E., and was a candidate running for the President of Madagascar in 2013 & 2018 elections.

Ibrahima Camara.png

Ibrahima Camara

Ibrahima Camara, is the CEO of the WENDIT Group, an international procurement management and Service company specializing in trade between Europe and West Africa. It has offices in Germany, Benin, Guinea,  Mali, Mauritania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  The company has become the go-to-company by governments seeking to develop projects. Camara studied industrial engineering in Germany and France, has over 12 years of experience in sales, marketing, and project management in the energy sector.

Camara enjoys plays basketball and karate and is a Senator at SENAT for Economy Germany.