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S. Gabriel Shumba

S. Gabriel Shumba

Founder & Managing Partner, Group Shumba

Group Shumba


S. Gabriel Shumba (Gabriel) is an investor, author, fund manager and structured finance expert. He also advises asset management firms, and governments on venture development, capital raising, and portfolio De-Risking solutions using structured finance strategies. Gabriel has experience at management and board levels at Group Shumba, D&R Investments, KPMG, PwC, and advisory roles at Goldman Sachs, Fortress Investment Group and Barclays Bank. He has over 19 years of experience in private equity fund administration, structured finance, risk management, investment structuring, and wealth management strategies across 3 continents.

Gabriel’s core investment experience has mostly focused on real estate, financial services, insurance, mining, and agriculture value chains within South America, Africa and North America through positions in fund advisory and investment committees for continental private funds within the mid and small-cap sectors. He served listed companies, private funds, insurance and international banking clients in the United States of America, Latin America, and Southern Africa, in various roles in fund management, structured finance, risk management, Infrastructure investment and economic advisory. His key clientele included, Goldman Sachs private equity and Fortress Investments Group private equity and hedge funds. Over a period of 5 years at Goldman Sachs, Gabriel had custody of over 40 funds in real estate, and equities sectors with assets under management exceeding $21 Billion in aggregate; Fortress Investments Group, a global investment manager with over $19 Billion in assets under management. 

Recently, Gabriel was appointed to the African Union’s Diaspora Initiative Investment Committee (ADHI), where he is engaged in reviewing and structuring investment programs for the African Diaspora. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Group Shumba; a Delaware based private equity and capital advisory firm with interests in Emerging Markets and North America. Group Shumba is an investor in gold mining ventures in Colombia, and Zimbabwe with estimated asset valuation of $78 Million; Real Estate ventures in the USA, and in South Africa valued at $28 Million in aggregate. He is also heavily involved in developing financial solutions for the grassroots, and aiding governments on implementing economic development programs driven by the financial independence of marginalized communities. His financial solutions company (Waterhole) has developed two platforms for helping the grassroots become financially independent through experiential training, coaching, and mentorship. 

An inspirational leader, he speaks on various international, community and church platforms about frontier investing, economic stimulation, fund creation and collective impact to bring about personal financial inclusiveness. Gabriel is the author of the popular book, “The Waterhole Millionaire”, a story that inspires individuals, churches, communities and governments on how to build wealth and lasting financial solutions for the grassroots. He believes in the power that entrepreneurship and personal investing have in changing the lives of people, especially in marginalized communities.

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