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Rocio Perez

Principal of Inventiva Consulting, LLC


Rocío Pérez is the Principal of Inventiva Consulting, LLC.  Ms. Pérez is an expert with more than 20 years in developing talent and energizing teams, designing and executing business & marketing strategies.  Ms. Pérez helps companies design a strategic and profitable future by saving them time, energy and money while increasing their productivity and profits.  She is the former President and CEO, Definitive Marketing, LLC, a multicultural marketing consulting firm.

Ms. Pérez’s core competency and experience includes:

  • Guiding leaders through change management process

  • Coaching leaders and individuals with their professional development needs

  • Assessing organizational needs and implementing innovative solutions

  • Creating strategic and congruent marketing strategies

Ms. Pérez holds the following degrees: a B.S. in International Business (University of Colorado), a Dual MBA in International Business and Marketing (Regis University), and a Certificate in International Entrepreneurship (University of Colorado).

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