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Rob Roys

Rob Roys has spent the last twelve years supporting the development of microgrids in Alaska. In his former role as the Manager of Business Development for Huntley and Associates, Rob nurtured the growth of the remote power market in Alaska through his involvement with many successful projects such as Kodiak Island’s port integration energy storage system, Chugach Electric’s hybrid energy storage system and more. Whether through the creation of the Alaska Energy Storage Working Group, enabling advanced capabilities in a microgrid lab, or hosting energy education workshops, Rob has driven innovation in the Alaskan microgrid market by fostering collaboration across organizational boundaries. Rob joins the ABB Microgrids team as a recent transplant to Denver where he spends his free time on adventures with his wife, Amy, and their two children, Wayland and Finn. Whether as energy advocate, opportunistic river guide, or husband and father, Rob’s passions motivate him to invest in a sustainable future as he explores the grid’s edge in both work and play.

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