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Reginald Parker

Reginald Parker

Dr. Reginald Parker is Founder of Optimal Corporation (dba Optimal Solar). Optimal is a minority-owned, cleantech firm.


Dr. Parker has more than 25 years of experience in technology design and management. He has developed or co-developed over 15 clean energy and manufacturing technologies, commercialized material and renewable energy technologies, developed and implemented successful business plans, and optimized manufacturing processes and products.  He has commercialized over $60 million in new products and optimized technology for a $600 million business unit while at Rohm and Hass (now Dow).  Dr. Parker served as a consultant on a successful B2C implementation strategy for a major airline and worked on a growth plan for a large municipality while at BCG.


Dr. Parker developed a nanobiocomposite which can be used as a semiconductor, solar material, conductive paste, and a structural enhancer.  Dr. Parker developed two associated manufacturing process which can be used on a wide class of nanomaterials.


A former university professor at Morehouse, FAMU, FSU, and UND for 8 years, Dr. Parker has distinguished himself as a thought leader in business, engineering, and commercialization. Dr. Parker graduated one Ph.D. and four MS students, managed a 14-person research group, was a co-PI on a $2.5 million IDIQ research contract with the Army Research Laboratory, and received several awards for his work as an academician.  He was a GEM Fellow, NASA Fellow, NCEA Fellow, Kodak Fellow, Beta Gamma Sigma Inductee, Delores Auzenne Fellow, GA Tech Tower Awardee, GA Tech PPA Fellow, Moot Corp Fellow, MIT’s Karl Taylor Compton Awardee, MIT’s William L. Stewart Awardee, Mobil Scholar, a 3M Scholar, and Who's Who Worldwide.


Dr. Parker has written several papers in Journals and conferences on materials and modeling. He has held executive positions including CEO and President for 510nano, Chairman of 510DC, Manager for 510REPP One, CTO for Nanotailor Inc., a Board Member for Mathematical Modeling Inc., Consultant at BCG, Sr. Research Engineer at Rohm and Haas, and. President of BITS LLC.


Dr. Parker earned three degrees in Engineering and one in Business Administration:


1.   BS in Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1992)

2.   MS in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1995)

3.   PhD in Chemical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (2000)

   4.   MBA in Finance, Florida State University (2000)

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