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Peter Storment

Cedar Street Capital, LLC

Peter is the co-founder of Cedar Street Capital, LLC, an advisory firm headquartered in New York that assists its emerging markets clients in raising capital in amounts greater than $20 million.


Peter has focused on promoting and facilitating growth over the course of his career, primarily through raising capital for growing firms, but he has also been an entrepreneur and founder of several firms over the course of his career.


Throughout the 1980s and 1990's his primary focus was on working to raise funds for early-stage technology companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Early last decade, he changed the focus of his activities to the emerging markets of Africa and Latin America, and along with that switch in focus, he shifted his activities towards more mature companies seeking expansion capital as opposed to early-stage funding.


Over the course of his career, he has worked on deals in virtually every large industry sector ranging from software and telecom to banking and agriculture.


In terms of standout transactions, Peter's two most significant transactions were in the African financial sector. From 2005-2007 he helped raise over $50 million for the micro-lender Blue Financial Services of South Africa, and in 2007 he led a $161 million private equity investment into Intercontinental Bank of Nigeria.

In order to complete this transaction, Peter helped craft a novel deal structure which guaranteed the investors a refund in case of malfeasance by the bank. The bank was taken over and restructured by the Nigerian government, and the investors were able to successfully retrieve virtually their entire investment in legal proceedings.

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