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Ngueti Armand Gaetan

Owner, Ngueti IT Solutions

Ngueti Armand Gaetan is the owner of Ngueti IT Solutions, an IT training and education company based in Cameroon. It operates at 12 universities and training centers in 6 countries in Africa. The company’s suite of services includes blockchain, distributed ledger technologies advisory services for US based companies ready to expand to Africa, IoT, Big Data, IoS, Data Science, Business Intelligence and Cloud computing.


Prior to forming his own company, Ngueti, a global IT specialist and digital strategist,

held various positions such as teacher, Systems Engineer, Content developer, IT Manager, Consultant, Mentor, Policy Designer and IT Trainer. His qualifications in the IT space include CCNA, MCSAx2, CCNP, MCSEx2, MS, MCP, MLSS, MCITP, MCTS, MCT, MCE, and Microsoft Authorized Education Partner. 


He has worked on many Education projects with the government of Cameroon and the UNESCO central Africa office.  He is also, the Chairman of the International Association of Microsoft Certified Trainers IAMCT in Africa. 


Ngueti Armand Gaetan was recently appointed as the first African Lead at Government Blockchain Association (GBA). He believes Blockchain, distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies will fundamentally transform how the Africa’s governments interact with its constituents.

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