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Michael Farina

Executive Leader-Strategy and Growth, Integrated Gas and Power Solutions
Baker Hughes

Michael is an executive leader at Baker Hughes. He is responsible for business development of integrated gas and power products and solutions. This includes early engagement and conceptual design on integrated gas and power projects. As a leader in Baker Hughes, he is also part of the Strategy and Marketing team helping to drive the companies gas value chain strategy and advance Baker Hughes’ global gas leadership with external partners and other stakeholders.

Michael has been gas and power strategy leader in the industry for more than two decades. He worked over the last ten years at General Electric in a variety of roles in support of the oil and gas and the power divisions. He joined the new Baker Hughes Company in 2018. Michael has focused on strategic marketing and business development related to unconventional resources, natural gas systems, gas to power, and distributed power including gas-renewable hybrids. In 2011, he authored Flare Gas Reduction: Recent global trends and policy considerations. In 2013, he was lead analyst and primary author of the Age of Gas and the Power of Networks and China’s Age of Gas white papers. In 2015, he published Gas to Power, Fast and Flexible Electricity for Rapidly Developing Countries. More recently, his focus has been flare gas solutions and complex gas project development including origination, technology solutions, and structuring.

Previously he was a Director of natural gas consulting at Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS-CERA) and has worked on LNG, pipeline, and gas-fired power plant development around the world. Michael holds a BA in Economics from Colorado State University and a MA in Economics from the University of Colorado.

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