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Jason Nagy

Jason Nagy founded Mainspring Innovation, LLC (Member, Posner Center for International Development) in Colorado as an international business and economic development enterprise providing consulting services and innovative programs to advance infrastructure development, technology transfer, skills development, job creation, economic/social justice, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Jason is also Director, Public Sector Engagement for Africa Finance and Advisory Partners, LLC, a company established to revolutionize how American businesses engage the African Continent. AFAP’s approach blends the best from the public and private sectors, which is important given the available monies and strategic partners having both developmental and profit-seeking motives.

Jason led USTDA’s Africa office (2008-2014) and served on Ex-Im Bank’s sub-Saharan Africa business development, policy and program team. He identified and crafted over $70mn of USTDA program funding primarily in clean energy, transport and ICT projects. In 2013, he launched the US-Africa Clean Energy Development and Finance Center and supported the launch of President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative. He has an MA International Affairs from American University with concentration in international economic policy and international business, and a BA in Journalism and Political Science from Indiana University. Jason is a passionate promoter for innovation, education and collaboration!

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