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Ian Baring-Gould


Technology Deployment Manager & Senior Engineer

National Renewable Energy Laboratories

Ian Baring-Gould graduated with an MSME from the University of Massachusetts in 1995 and started working at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Ian’s work focuses in domestic and international applications engineering for Renewable Energy (RE) technologies, assistance in RE deployment and educational outreach, primarily wind. Relating to off grid energy systems, Ian has over 30 years of work in the minigrid market sector with a focus on integrating RE technologies into microgrid power systems, primarily for rural electrification. Starting in the development of control strategies and modeling of off grid power systems in the mid 1980’s, Ian has worked in the modeling, research, development, and deployment of isolated power systems across the globe. Ian was an early key participant in the development of IEC- 62257 Recommendations for small renewable energy and hybrid systems for rural electrification as well as other international research collaboratives focused on improving technology for off gird power systems. Ian’s current work centers on methodologies to expand microgrid/minigrid development through lessons from utility market development, such as the development of Quality Assurances Frameworks for minigrid power systems, leading to the standardization and bundling of off grid power systems to serve rural and isolated populations.

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