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Filagot Tesfaye

Managing Director

ON Energy Consult

Filagot Tesfaye is an energy consultant with a strong engineering and leadership background.  With 13 years of engagement in the business, she has diverse experience in the construction, manufacturing, energy, and consultancy sectors in Ethiopia. Filagot is a founder and managing director of ON ENERGY Consult which is a local business engaged in electrical engineering and energy consulting services. As a licensed engineer, Filagot has profound technical experience in the electricity sector and renewable energy projects including hydropower, wind, and solar energy. Besides, Filagot has a particular interest in solar energy and has conducted various researches for her clients.

Filagot is a founder and the current president of Ethiopian women in Energy (EWiEn) where she regularly advocates the role of women in the energy industry. She speaks on various national and international events and highlights the importance of gender diversity in the energy sector as women are major energy users of the community.  Driven by passion, Filagot is engaged in mentoring young girls who enter into the energy sector and in teaching renewable energy and energy conservation issues for diverse groups of her community. Filagot also contributes articles to the sector. On top of that, Filagot has been selected by various prestigious programs. She was named as a winner in the Women4Climate Mentorship Program of C40 cities. Filagot is also a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow, 2019 Open Africa Power alumni, 2018 Women in African power, and a mentor at GWNET and Meri program.

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