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David K. Owens

Retired Executive Vice President
Edison Electric Institute

Da’Vas LLC

David K. Owens is an accomplished executive with extensive experience in public policies surrounding utility operations, strategic planning, technology development, rate making and regulation.

He is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on electric utility issues, industry restructuring and transformation. His experience in the electricity sector includes leading the Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI’s) efforts over a broad set of issues that affect the future structure of the electric industry, and new rules in evolving competitive markets.

He was responsible over the strategic areas of energy supply and finance, environment, energy delivery, energy services, state regulatory issues, and international affairs. He also spearheaded efforts to enhance the public policy climate for investments in America’s electric infrastructure with emphasis on the role of new electrification technologies to address climate change, and to enhance energy efficiency through smart buildings, smart appliances, smart meters, and smart electric grids.

Mr. Owens retired from EEI in June 2017 with four decades of utility experience. He remains an advisor to EEI and serves on the Board of Xcel Energy. He also chairs the Transformation Advisory Council providing insights in the new design of the Puerto Rico electric systems.

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