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Sherwin Das

Co-Founder and Managing Director
Energy Peace Partners

Sherwin Das is Co-founder and Managing Director of Energy Peace Partners (EPP). He helped establish EPP and most recently led the work to launch the P-REC Aggregation Fund. Prior to EPP, Sherwin spent the better part of his career working for the United Nations in conflict-affected and post-conflict settings, developing an expertise in peacebuilding, conflict prevention, and mediation. He has worked in fragile states in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Central Africa region and has advanced peacekeeping and peacebuilding policy issues at the UN Secretariat.


Energy Peace Partners leverages climate and finance solutions to promote peace in the world’s most fragile regions. Our vision is peace and stability for all powered by renewable energy. EPP is a US-based non-profit organization, with offices in California and Nairobi, Kenya.

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