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Ambassador Cheick Keita

Founder and President

Open Business Africa (OBA) and Bridge of Innovations (BOI)

Ambassador Cheick Keita holds a master's degree in public law, option law, economics, and management. he occupies the following positions:

- Large Accounts and Legal Expertise Auditor in the Audit Legal and Financial Business Management Department of Crédit Agricole Bank (France),

- Director of Legal Affairs and Litigation at the Financial Corporation of Studies and Litigation (SOFIDEC France),

- Management of the Africa Division for the OVIEDO multinational of IMASA Group (Spain),

- Director of Africa Markets of BBVA Bank (3rd bank of Spain),

- Analyst Manager in the Legal and Economic Department of the evaluation of international perspectives at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development),

- Executive Officer at the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Public Accounting at the Inspection Control and Expertise Division (ICE) of the Taxes General Directorate at Paris Bercy.


In 1996, he founded CIDIGA (Chamber of Initiatives for the Development of Investments of the Groupings in Africa) and works as its President. His mission is to produce and offer reliable socio-economic and political information and studies to promote significant investments in Africa.


The Ambassador also serves as the President of OPND Pan-African Observatory of Digital and President of OBA (Open Business Africa) and BOI (Bridge of Innovation) and CIDIGA.


He is the founder and President of BOI (Bridge of Innovations). BOI is a company that identifies innovative start-ups in Africa and supports them through its network of Business Angels and Ventures Capital to initiate their emergence. To this day, he has been part of the six innovative start-ups in Africa. As part of its HOPE FOR NEW AFRICA initiative and promoting entrepreneurship in Africa, Mr. Keita plans to create with the international partners, the PE (points entrepreneurship), a place of entrepreneurship in agreement with the international partners in each African country. Mr. Keita recently created OBA (Open Business Africa) to promote partnerships and joint ventures between companies in the South and North to establish new structures for transforming local products and assembly factories and essential equipment for developing critical sectors in Africa. Mr. Keita continues to participate in many international conferences on Africa and the ACP as a contributor and panelist in international organizations: OECD, UNESCO, World Bank, France, and the world. He is UNESCO's Ambassador for the UNESCO event in Guinea, the book capital of the world. Since 2017, Mr. Keita Cheick is Ambassador of IHRC (International Human Right Commission) in charge of the Africa zone to follow the new strategy of this institution for the promotion of good governance, the prevention and the resolution of conflicts, the promotion of education for all, sustainable development, promoting new technologies applied to teaching and education for all, the socio-economic advancement of women for a better world.


He is the Senator of the WBAF (World Business Forum) and Président of the SMEs (Commonwealth Entrepreneurs club), and Ambassador of WUSME (World Union of Small and Medium Enterprises).


Mr. Cheick Keita is the recipient of several distinctions of the Guinea Talent Award by the HBO Talents of Africa organization. 2019. Mr. Cheick Keita was awarded in Abu Dhabi with a Special Award from the PALEDEC Panafrican Leadership Entrepreneurship Development Center to recognize his Africa investment promotion activities with his company OBA (Open business Africa) and for its initiative to create OPND (Pan-African Digital Observatory for Development).


Mr. Cheick Keita speaks French, English, Spanish, and is currently learning Japanese.

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