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Brandy Lellou

Growing up on a small farm in Colorado, Brandy has an affinity for wide open spaces and natural solutions. As a Civil Engineer, writer and artist, she believes that cross sectoral partnerships are key to developing innovative sustainable solutions to seeming unsurmountable problems. Based in Washington, D.D., Brandy is a Certified Energy Manager, owner of Last Mile Solutions and a partner in DreamAfrica Consulting. She lived and worked in West Africa for seven years as a Peace Corps Volunteer, contractor for the US Embassy, and business owner. Throughout her career she has focused on developing tri-sector leadership; connecting business solutions to public problems with education and awareness implemented through nonprofit and community outreach efforts. Her engineering work focuses on implementation of sustainable technologies that harness the power of nature to provide economic opportunities for rural off-grid areas in Africa. Brandy has spoken extensively on water/energy nexus issues and authored articles on water resource management and a book on sustainable agriculture.

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