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15th Annual Energy Africa Conference

            The Right Energy Mix For Africa

Investing in Africa's Energy Sector to Catalyze                a Green Economy and Industrialization


The Conference

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Africa contributes under four percent of global greenhouse gas emissions but is the most susceptible to climate change. Weather patterns have disrupted biodiversity, increased the strength and frequency of cyclones, precipitated food insecurity, accelerated population displacement, increased water scarcity, and made electricity supply erratic. The vulnerability has heightened the need for a speedy transition to a green economy to mitigate these adverse effects. 

Africa's abundant renewable energy resources supported by sound energy policies present excellent opportunities for the continent to meet its energy needs. Africa needs an energy mix that allows for sustainable, resilient, and affordable electricity supply to meet its demand and accelerate industrialization.

                                                                                                     CONFERENCE THEME

                                                                                    The Right Energy Mix For Africa


This year, the Energy Africa Conference has partnered with the Africa Business Council, the Circle of Global Businesswomen, the African Society for Scientific Research and Technology, and Open Business Africa to explore investment opportunities in the renewable energy sector and the policy options needed to accelerate Africa's energy transition to a green economy.


  • Investors

  • Technology solution providers

  • Energy Project Developers

  • EPCs

  • Family Offices

  • Venture Capitalists

  • Angel Investors

  • Hedge Funds

  • Philanthropists

  • Green investors

  • Impact Investors

  • Equity Investors

  • Municipalities and Cities 

  • Utilities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Consultants and Management Companies

  • Technology solution providers

  • Anybody interested in smart cities


​This conference will expose you to the business opportunities and latest developments in the African Energy space. You will: 

  • Tap into a captive audience from all over the world, presenting investment and business expansion opportunities.

  • Take a glimpse into new technologies in the energy fields from the United States and other countries for potential investments and partnerships.

  • Connect to actual business projects in Africa.

  • Talk directly to decision-makers.​


As an investor, the conference will expose you to many business opportunities.  Be sure to liaise with the Energy Africa Conference.

As a project developer, you will be exposed to investors and know what it takes to obtain funding from various debt and equity investors and what is needed to get financing from specific organizations/firms successfully.  .  

Suppose you are interested in learning or retooling your PV Systems and Energy Storage Fundaments. In that case, we have a 90 minute  pre-conference training program on the 10th of November from the best in the business.


This conference is unique because you are networking, sharing best practices, ideas, technologies, and knowledge, and have the opportunity to be connected to real projects in Africa identified by the conference community.


About Us

The Global Commerce Forum is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and exchanging knowledge and ideas about global commerce and the environment.

​This group of dedicated and forward-thinking business executives, government and non-governmental officials, academicians, investors, students, and policymakers from different fields and countries worldwide leverages the inherent synergy to improve trade, alleviate poverty, and recast the standard of living of the under-served populations.

​The Global Commerce Forum produces the Energy Africa Conference annually aimed at accomplishing triple objectives.​

  1. To provide a platform for high-level decision-makers from academia, business, governments, and civil society to dialog and exchange best practices and ideas and technologies to help Africa develop clean, affordable, resilient, and sustainable energy systems to facilitate economic development and energy access.    

  2. Connecting firms from all over the world to business opportunities in the African energy sector.

  3. Engaging students and provide a ready workforce for companies wishing to participate or already involved in the African energy space but seeking well-trained human resources.

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