13th Annual Energy Africa Conference

Investing in Africa’s Energy Future in The New Normal

Transforming the African economy by providing accessible, affordable, sustainable, and reliable energy solutions to every citizen.

November 12 -13, 2020

Virtual Conference

8.00AM MST 

17:00hr Kigali/Lusaka and Johannesburg time


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The Covid virus has transformed the way we do we do business.  In Africa, like in other parts of the world, the virus has not only adversely affected the health of people, but also many business functions such as logistics and project deployment, further aggravating the already creaking energy infrastructure.  Under the theme “Investing in Africa’s Energy Future in the New Normal” the energy Africa conference, now in its 13th year, explores how investors, Engineering and Construction firms and project developers, can successfully deploy energy projects in Africa and learn from those who are already doing it. 

Join us and learn from high-level decision and policy makers how as an investor, project developer, consulting company, engineering company, technology or a business professional, can plug into the many business opportunities in the Energy Sector in Africa. 

​The Energy Africa Conference, has developed a community of project developers, investors, funders, policy makers, service providers and other professionals in the energy space from around the globe and Africa, to form partnerships, identify bankable projects in Africa and collaboratively fund and deploy these projects in line with the Power Africa Initiative and the United Nations Sustainability Goals. 

This two-day conference features keynote presentations, enlightening case studies, expert and practitioner lively interactive conversations and opportunities in a virtual environment.

We hope this conference inspires you to think bigger and more broadly about the lucrative energy related opportunities in Africa, to expand your horizons, to grow your businesses and to help make the world a better place while doing real business. Be part of the solution.

  • ​Investors

  • Project Developers

  • Technology solution providers

  • Renewable energy providers

  • Engineering firms

  • Engineering, Procurement and Management Companies

  • Municipalities and Cities 

  • Utilities

  • Transportation providers

  • Telecommunications providers

  • ​Tap into a captive audience from all over the world presenting investment and business expansion opportunities.

  • Take a glimpse int  the new opportunities in the African Energy sector.

  • Connect to real business projects in Africa

  • Connect directly to decision makers​

  • Learn from people in the field on how to navigate the  landscape to actualize projects.​

This conference will connect you to the business opportunities and latest developments in the Energy Sector in Africa.

It is unique in that you are not only networking, sharing best practices, ideas, technologies, and knowledge, but also have the opportunity to be connected to real projects in Africa identified by the conference community.​


About Us

The Global Commerce Forum is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and exchanging knowledge and ideas about global commerce and the environment.

​This group of dedicated and forward thinking business executives, government and non-governmental officials, academicians, engineers, investors, students, and policy makers from different fields and countries around the world seeks to catalyze worldwide coordination, cooperation and collaboration among different constituents and stakeholders to facilitate low carbon global trade and emerging market countries’ economic development, alleviate poverty, and recast the standard of living of the under-served populations.

​The Global Commerce Forum produces the Energy Africa Conference annually aimed at accomplishing dual objectives.

  1. Provide a platform for high level decision makers from academia, business, national governments and civil society to dialog, exchange best practices, technologies and ideas on how Africa can develop low carbon, affordable, resilient and sustainable  energy systems to  reduce energy poverty and catalyze economic development.   

  2. Connecting firms from all over the world to business opportunities in the African energy sector.

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